Energise Your Life: Release Your Natural Energy


Energise Your Life is my first plant based cookbook, that I bought at a book sale over 6 years ago. I didn’t realize all recipes were vegan at the time. I just wanted to buy a book to inspire me to eat more healthy. Just recently when I picked up this book again did I realize that all along I have had a book of vegan recipes. Initially when I bought this book I did make a couple of recipes but then like many of my books it got placed on a shelf and I didn’t see it for a few years.

Energise Your Life is a energy bible that teaches you how to increase your energy levels with nutritious food, breathing and exercise. It is split up into two sections. The first section discussing the importance of a plant centred diet, which includes organic raw  fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses, whole grains and liquid energy. It also provides many energy recipes for breakfast, lunch, pick me ups, snacks, apéritifs, dinners, digestives, night caps and immune boosters. These recipes are a mixture of raw and cooked dishes, as well as juices, teas, smoothies and other beverages. The second section focuses on energy balance, yoga breathing, gentle types of exercise and supercharging exercises.

You can look inside and purchase from Amazon here.

The recipes follow:

Zesty Breakfasts- Musesli with fruit and nuts, Belgian oatmeal, Filled pancakes, Fresh fruit salad

Launch the Day- Sunrise, Aurore, Orchard down, Morning glory

Power Lunches- Penne pesto with Italian salad, Baba ganoush with three root salad, Tabouleh Orientale with Korean cucumber, Amanida Catalana, Soupe au pistou, Gazpacho de Campo, Crunchy Spanish salad with hot sesame sauce, Alligator sandwiches with red coleslaw, Sunflower pâté with tropicana salad, Spicy garbanzo beans, Potato and broccoli with watercress salad

Pick-me-ups- Strawberry shake, Tropical shake, Bananorama, Apricot lassi, Peach pleaser, Ace, Ruby reviver, Strawberry and banana smoothies

Quick-fix snacks- Crispy lettuce rolls with almond dressing, Greek olive and lime pâté, Pistachio and raisin halva, Mint and raisin spread

Happy hour- Glamorgan glee, Starburst, Apple fizz, Lemon spring, Elderflower “champagne”

Apéritifs- G & T, Melon magic, Tim’s toms

Sustaining dinners- Ratatouille with polenta cakes, Carrot and almond jacket potatoes with herb salad, Aloo gobi, Vegetable crumble, Asparagus, bean curd and mushrooms, Spinach parcels with onion sauce, Sweet potato with hiziki, Nettle and lasagna bake, Stuffed mushrooms with spiced peaches

Digestives- Dandelion coffee, Anisette, Sweet fennel

Nightcaps- Sleepy time, Hot cinnamon

Health on the windowsill- Thyme, Mint

Immune boosters- Vital force, Deep heat, A plus, High C

Four seasons (juices)- Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

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Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi


Carrot and almond jacket potatoes with herb salad


Ratatouille with polenta cakes

Spinach Parcels with Onion Sauce

Spinach Parcels with Onion Sauce

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