Vegan Sense-sations

Today after a hard day of renovations, Marco, his father and I sat down to some delicious Vegan Sense-sations pies. These pies are made by Health Sense-sations. They are a vegetarian Queensland based company and their products can be found in various health food shops and small supermarkets in QLD and NSW. Until this morning I had never heard of them before. But we decided to try them after they were recommended to us by a lovely staff member at the Green Edge. I got the Thai Curry Pie and Marco and Victor got the NFB Mince & Veg Pie and the NFB Pepper Pie.

I bought the pies frozen in single packaging. Then I baked them for about 50 minutes at home. I served them with Roasted Kipfler Potatoes and Rainbow Carrots.

The boys loved their pies. Especially Marco’s father, who is a meat loving Serbian from way back. Although he has been embracing vegan home cooking in recent times. I only tried Marco’s Mince and Veg pie. It really did have that meat pie taste, but with out the grizzly bits. For me it tasted very meaty, but Marco said he could still taste the difference. As for Victor’s, well he was very happy with his Pepper Pie, but didn’t elaborate. My Thai Curry Pie was delicious! It had roasted pumpkin and sweet potato and some light spices. The pastry was also really lovely and flaky.

I would definitely recommend these pies as a vegan substitute or just for a easy prepare home meal. They are probably the best vegan store bought variety that I have tried.

Have you tried them? What did you think?






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