Peace Pies, Redcliffe

Over the weekend Marco and I finally got to visit Peace Pies at Redcliffe. Peace Pies is a cafe that specialise in vegan pies. They also serve all vegan lasagnes, cheesecakes, fish and chips and more. You can also buy vegan products in store, including food products, toiletries, books, etc.

This place is definetely become a favourite of mine. The staff are so friendly and the place has a really good vibe. The food was excellent and we both left very impressed and extremely satisfied.  I’m so happy that we now live close enough now to Redcliffe so that we can become regulars. If you are still a little scared of vegan food or have sceptical friends, this is the place for you. Peace Pies is not so in your face. It’s just a cool place to have a karma free meal and enjoy the bay breeze.



DSC01819For lunch Marco ordered the homemade Lasagna with salad. I couldn’t leave without trying one of their pies. It was hard to choose, but I settled on the Creamy Cauliflower Pie. I ordered it with salad and curly fries. Marco was very happy with his lasagna. It was cheesy and saucy and tasted a lot better then it looked. My pie was really delicious. The pastry was soft and flakey and the filling was really creamy. The best part was that it wasn’t trying to be something that it wasn’t. The pie did have a little bit of faux chicken, but it wasn’t so overwhelming that you couldn’t taste the cauliflower. The curly fries were also really good. I have always loved curly fries, since the days I use to fry them in my first job at Hungry Jacks. To complement them, the waitress brought us some of their home-made tomato sauce.





After coming all the way here, we weren’t going to leave without trying their desserts. It was very hard to choose, but we settled with the Chocolate cake and the Pear Flan. I can’t tell you what was better they were both really good. They also didn’t have that weird taste that some dairy free desserts have. I don’t think anyone would of not gone for a second bite of either of these cakes, they were just that good. They were both really sweet though and by the time I got through more then half of both I was having a sugar overload.






Have you visited Peace Pies? Tell me what you think?

9 thoughts on “Peace Pies, Redcliffe

    • Yes we are lucky here, we have gone from no vegan/vegetarians restaurants heaps in a short period of time. I think if I wasn’t looking I wouldn’t of known about them though. I always find Happy Cow really helpful to find healthy restaurants.

  1. Love Peace Pies! Such a welcoming environment and friendly team. I’ve only ever been there for dessert, but after reading this, I’ll have to give a pie a try 🙂

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