Lunch at Orawgi

It was so nice to wake up today and not have to go to work. Wish I had more wisdom teeth to remove so I could take more week days off. I don’t get sick very often, unlike most of the people in my office. I really believe it’s because my plant strong diet that keeps me well.

So to take advantage of this lovely sunny day with Marco, who was also off, we visited a raw cafe that I have been wanting to visit for ages. Orawgi is a raw, organic, healthy conscious cafe in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. It was created by Jamie Louise of Turf Studios and Jamie Louise Living Raw.  Jamie is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about raw foods and yoga. What she has created is really special and is really worth the trip. I think I discovered this cafe just after I started working full time. Unfortunately Orawgi is currently only open Monday-Friday. However, I heard from the lovely staff member that they are going to start trading on weekends soon!


Before we arrived we didn’t know what to expect. I knew they were within the building of BioSolar and the photos on the website looked really nice. Marco isn’t a big fan of anything raw. He’s kind of over salads and sprouts that I try to make him eat on a regular bases. But once we walked in he was pleasantly surprised.


Since they change their menu daily I didn’t have my order already picked out. They had on offer today Living lasagne, Mexican pizza with a walnut meat, Raw burger, Coleslaw and a Kale Salad. They also had a range of delicious smoothies and sweets. Everything looked so fresh and delicious that we wanted to try a bit of everything. We ended up ordering 2 Lunch specials that also included a smoothie or a dessert.

I ordered the Living Lasagne with Coleslaw the Ubud Smoothie and Marco ordered the Mexican pizza with a walnut meat, Kale Salad and dessert. First thing that came out was our smoothie. The girl serving us was nice enough to give us half each in these cute little jars. The smoothie was amazing. It had passion fruit, cinnamon, cashew milk and a few other ingredients that I can’t remember. I never knew passion fruit would taste so good in a smoothie.


Next the meals came out.  They were both fantastic. We shared both. We couldn’t get enough of the creamy raw lasagna or the mexican pizza. I have never had a raw lasenga or pizza before so I was worried that the vegetables would be hard and and dehydrated pizza dry. But in fact the lasagna was perfectly soft and creamy and so full of flavor. The pizza was just as tasty and morish. I could live on both of these. The salads were also quite nice, especially the kale salad which had avocado and pepitas seeds. The only down side is that I had to share with Marco. I’m sure he felt the same way.



For dessert we decided to go for the most stunning dessert, the Mixed berry Cheesecake. This was also fantastic. It was soft, creamy and had the wow factor. We both couldn’t get enough. I think this has to be the best raw vegan cheesecake I’ve had in Brisbane. It was also a great big serve. So we left extremely full and satisfied.


Marco and I were really pleased that we visited Orawgi. The food is amazing, the staff a really lovely and the decor is really refreshing and quirky. I will be looking forward to visiting them again when they begin trading on weekends so I can bring my nearest and dearest.

5 thoughts on “Lunch at Orawgi

    • You should definitely try a raw cafe if you have a raw your city. Its completely guilt free and I promise if you find a raw cheesecake like this you won’t know its any different. I took our family another cafe that had raw cheesacake a while ago and they couldn’t believe it it wasn’t made the traditional way.

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