Green Edge Revisited

Over the weekend we finally visited Green Edge since their move and renovations. We have been to their new store since they moved, but we hadn’t tried their cafe menu yet. I have been craving their burgers for a while and really looking forward to their return. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are the only vegan grocery store/cafe in Brisbane. They are now situated at Windsor, off Lutwyche Rd.




The new store is really nice and spacious and there are lots of tables and booths for cafe customers. They also seem to have a bigger range of products. You can see most of their products on their website. However they also have organic vegetables now as well.  Sorry I don’t have better pictures of their merchandise. I forgot to take photos until I was out the door.

The cafe menu has also changed as well. They still have their vegan delicious signature burgers. But now they can be ordered with a side of hand cut potato chips. Other new additions include Risotto of the day, Chilli Roasted Mushrooms, Noodle Bowl, Fettuccine and Roast Pumpkin Soup. However if your not too hungry you can order one of their vegan pies or sausage rolls. They also have  range of vegan cheesecakes and brownies, Chocolate Sundae and Ice cream Dream boat for dessert.

I was going to order one of their new menu items, but I had been craving their burgers for so long. So to try something almost different I went for a burger I hadn’t tried before. I order the Mushroom Burger (marinated mushroom flats, lettuce, tomato, house dressing, mango chutney, vegan cheese), which included their house salad and hand cut potato chips.  Marco ordered their Veggie Burger (homemade veggie patty, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, house dressing, mango chutney) with the same sides and we shared a Peanut Butter Milkshake.

Mushroom Burger

Mushroom Burger

Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger


Peanut Butter Milkshake

The burgers were just as good as I remembered them, bursting with flavor. The side salad was still just as good as before. They have the most amazing salad dressing. They chips were great too. I think they may be baked as they aren’t as crunchy, but also not oily at all. We fought over what milkshake we were going to order, but I am happy Marco won out on the Peanut Butter Milkshake. This milkshake was amazing. Not sure how they do it, but I can’t seem to get the same flavor at home.

After lunch we had a wander through the aisle. I bought some coconut yogurt, vegan chedder, gluten flour to make seitan and some bpa free organic beans. I didn’t do a really big shop as I expect to be back soon. We left very full, but we couldn’t resist splitting a vegan fudge brown on the way home. They still have the best brownies in Brisbane!

9 thoughts on “Green Edge Revisited

  1. Both burgers look delicious! And I totally would have had the vegan fudge brownie too. Me and my partner almost always have to have a vegan dessert when we visit all-vegan restaurants/cafes.

  2. Wow it has changed so much ! Looks great !! I have to visit it again soon… Yes those burgers and also I like finding those hard-to-find vegan items in the store too… 🙂 one of my favourites in Brisbane to visit 🙂

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