This morning Marco and I were out for our weekend brunch and discovered a new little cafe in Mitchelton. I actually found them on the Urban List’s “Brisbane’s Best Avocado on Toast“. Their breakfast menu looked vegan friendly and I was really craving some creamy avocado on toasted bread.

Normally we wouldn’t travel so far so early, but Marco had a 2 hour meal break, so I meet him at work and we took off to the north side. It didn’t take much convincing him when there’s a big breakfast involved.

Delicatezza is a cafe and a deli on the Blackwood Street strip. For vegans you probably aren’t interested in their gourmet meats and cheeses. However, they also have a nice range of other specialty products, including traditional pastas and chutneys. They offer breakfast and lunch Tuesday – Sunday.




Before we arrived I made a booking. Luckily I did as it was really busy morning for them. The staff seated us straight away and were really nice and friendly. When I asked about vegan options they were very helpful too. There were two dishes on the menu that I was interested in. The Avocado Char including avocado, tomato kasundi (chutney), lemon, on char ciabatta or sour dough bread; and the Swiss Brown Mushrooms, included sauteed mushrooms with parsley, truffle oil, lemon and ciabatta.  So hard to choose, so I had to try both. I ordered the Avocado Char with the Swiss brown Mushrooms on the side. Unfortunately Marco couldn’t been torn away from ordering a big breakfast.



I couldn’t believe how big my meal was when it came out. I have been trying out some of the local cafes near my work lately and I usually only get giving one piece of bread with some mashed avocado. I wasn’t expecting to big pieces of ciabatta bread with a whole large avocado on top. Other then being very generous, this dish was prefect. The avocado was creamy and rip, the bread was fresh and toasted nicely with olive oil. The tomato kasundi (chutney) also tasted really nice. It was sweet and savory and went really well with the avocado and lemon juice. The mushrooms were also really nice and tasty. I would definitely recommend ordering either of the dish or ordering this combination like I did if your extra hungry.


After the meal we ordered coffees, which were also spot on. They had Merlo coffee and Organic Vitasoy. Marco ordered a Raspberry Slice for dessert. Unfortunately for me they didn’t have any vegan desserts, but then after a meal like that I don’t think I could of fit one in. I’m so happy we tried this place. If I am in the area again I would definitely visit them again.


After that Marco had to go back to work and I had to do some shopping. Since I had my cousins birthday dinner tonight, I had to buy her a present. After searching through the big department stores and not finding the right gift I came across an Oxfom store. This is a non profit store that sells goods made from in Asia, the Pacific and African countries. Besides home wares, jewelry and other traditional gift wares, they also sell fair trade coffee, chocolate and other specialty food products. I bought my cousin these African Jams and Organic Gypsy Teas. They look so good now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy any for myself.


After shopping for a couple of hours I started to get really thirsty. So I stopped buy a juice bar that I haven’t been to in years. I remember Oasis Juice Bar from the first time I snuck out to the city with my friends when I was 13 years. I’m pretty sure it still looks the same as back then nearly 13 years later. They sell a range of fresh juices and smoothies (dairy & dairy free), as well as fresh fruit, fruit salads and yogurt with fruit. I ordered a fruit juice with apple, pineapple and lime. It was really refreshing and gave me the energy to keep on shopping.




9 thoughts on “Delicatezza

    • It really was delicious! I’m happy I bought something different that goes to a good cause, I should make an effort to buy more gifts from there. I am a terrible gift giver I always wait until the same day to do my shopping. Hope you had a good weekend too!

  1. Awesome find. I find some good ones too and there are a few around. I have to check this one out next time I am on the Northside 🙂 Yes vegan desserts are difficult to find here… I have been in Thailand for 3 weeks and there are so many vegan food options there.. my favourite dessert sticky rice with mango…. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Welcome back, I’ll have to check out your Thailand posts, so jealous 🙂 Let me know if you find any vegan friendly places. Are their many on your side? My mums gone to Redlands for the day, she heard its really nice down there. I’ve never ventured down that way.
      I’m surprised that their are so many vegan options in Thailand. Most of the recipes I’ve seen use lots of fish sauce. Sticky rice with mango sounds really nice though.

      • Thank you 🙂 Sure I will let you know. Here in Redland Bay there is not much and I think I should open a vegan cafe 🙂 My dream… you should visit here it is a nice easy going place with a nice relaxing waterfront walk, some cafes too I have been to Thailand for work nearly 20 times in the last few years and know it very well. You can eat very well there as a vegan and if you make sure that the food is prepared for “jay” you will get vegan food… I hope you liked the photos and yes sticky rice with mango which melts in your mouth with a hint of salty creamy rice is divine !!!! 🙂

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