The Shady Palms Cafe & Bar

I really have an appreciation for weekends since I have started working. We now brunch every weekend. On this weeks brunching adventure I discovered a new cafe, The Shady Palms Cafe & Bar. I first saw them last week when I was browsing the Weekend Edition and noticed they had some vegan options on their menu. I really excited to try them since most cafes don’t give a vegan option for breakfast.

I haven’t been to Stones Corner for years. My mum use to take me and my friends when we were 14-15 years, to go shopping. I didn’t notice as many shops and boutiques this time, but God there are lot of cafes. It was also so busy. I think I will be frequently Stones Corner a bit more, as an alternative to other restaurant hotpots.


So when we arrived at the cafe, I could not believe how busy it was. It was buzzing with customers and loud music and the kitchen looked so busy delivering one delish dish after the other. The cafe was also quite big, so you could sit in front, in the front bar room, the back room or the garden. We opted for the front bar as it was quite a windy day. The menu is has a Pan-American theme, so there are many menu items that I haven’t seen before. For vegetarians there are many options for breakfast and lunch, such as Sticky date, spiced pumpkin and ricotta hotcakes with pecan praline ice cream (breakfast) and Sliders with Grilled cheese w fried green tomato, mashed sweet potato and chipotle mayo (lunch). For vegans they have Fried green tomatoes w kale, sweet potato, corn and black eyed pea salsa for breakfast. For lunch there isn’t any vegan specific menu items, but I’m sure dishes like  the Tacos with Fried Okra, could be made vegan. Other menu items include espresso coffees with Bonsoy, teas, juices, cocktails and other alcohol beverages.



We shared a table with a couple of guys who were also having breakfast. When we ordered at the bar we received this Yoko Ono image so our waitresses knew where we were. Marco can never go past a big breakfast, so of course he had the Shady Palm breakfast with House-made cornbread, maple bacon w poached egg, hollandaise sauce, kranksi and roasted mushroom. He doesn’t eat this stuff at home anymore, which is great so I go easy with him when we go out. I on the other had had the vegan dish, Fried green tomatoes w kale, sweet potato, corn and black eyed pea salsa. This was amazing and probably one of the most creative vegan dishes I have ever had. The only thing I could say was wrong with it was that I wanted to eat another plate of it. It was also quite light, so I could fit in a Bonsoy Flat White after.




We were really impressed by the Shady Palms Cafe & Bar and can’t wait to take our friends. I really liked that they offer a delicious, creative vegan option, which sets them apart from most regular eggs and toast cafes.


5 thoughts on “The Shady Palms Cafe & Bar

  1. I’ve fallen in love with black beans and black eyed peas in salsa! I’ve made a few versions myself but the Shady Palms one looks delicious. I feel your pain in regards to working full time. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I always exhaust myself by trying to fit in as much as possible before and after work (the weekends just aren’t enough!). I’m glad that you and Marco are making a tradition out of weekend brunching. It’s such a lovely time to relax and have some good food… to wind down after the working week. Take care lovely. Nice to read an update from you xxx

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