Vege King

This afternoon Marco and I finally finished work at same time. So we decided to have an early dinner in the city.  I recently saw Vege King advertised online as a vegan friendly restaurant. So when I saw the  coupon I brought it straight away. They are only open till 6.30pm Monday to Friday so it has been hard getting  a chance to try them previously.

Vege King is tucked away on the end of Adelaide and Wharf Street.  It wasn’t too hard to find. When we walked in we were greeted by two friendly Indian people, who gladly took our coupon and showed us everything they had to offer. Since it was late in the day on their last day of the week, the didn’t have as much as usually on offer, but there was still plenty of curries and menu items to chose from. Although most of their menu is vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, they do offer a few meat options. It was nice to be in a place where it was the opposite to the norm though. Their menu includes Vege Samosa, Puri Chole, Pizza, Salads, Lasagnas, vareity of vegetarian and meat curries, dosas, desserts and drinks.


I ordered another new discovery Dosa Marsala, which came with sambhar dahl and chutney. Marco ordered two curries dish, which included Spinach & Mushroom curry, Chicken Korma, rice and papadum. All were vegan except for the chicken curry of course. We were both really impressed by the food. It was fresh and full of flavor. It was also on pair with our regular Indian restaurant.



For dessert I got the Apple Crumble, which was vegan and Marco got the Carrot Cake (not vegan). They were both really good too and a nice end to the meal.


So the verdict? This is a great, cheap city eat. The people are friendly, the food is authentic and delicious. Plus you can have a vegan dessert!



7 thoughts on “Vege King

  1. Oo yeah Awesome post ❤ Masala dosa , South indian breakfast , I love it 😀 there are various types of dosa’s like maisur masala dosa , Rava dosa , Open dosa etc.

    Wet chutney ❤ yumm yummm

    • I have found a few great places lately, but most don’t stay open till dinner, especially vegetarian places. I don’t know if its because they are in the city, or vegetarians don’t eat out late lol I have so many places to try on my list but many aren’t open on weekends either. at least i have money now. i’ll have to wait to i build up some govt rdo’s 🙂

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