Vege Rama

I got up extra early for my interview today. I picked out my cloths, got ready, made a juice and took off to the city. By the time I got to the there I was so hungry. I was going to check out Raw n’ Juicy but on the way I spotted Vege Rama on Adelaide Street. I have heard other people raving about how good this place is, even meat eaters love it. So I had to stop in and try them out.

There were so many beautiful salads and delicious hot dishes, not to mention the burgers, wraps and desserts to choose from.  I had a brief conversation with a really nice Brazilian girl that works there, and she let me know that everything was 100% vegan. I was in heaven, I didn’t have to limit my choice I could have anything. I was so hungry, so I decided to have some of the prepared hot food.



So I ordered two hot dishes with brown rice. I chose the Moussaka and the Aloo Matter. The Moussaka had tofu, sweet potato, olives, carrot, capsicum, green beans, eggplant, chickpeas, spinach. It was the first time I tried vegan Moussaka, but it was I’ve ever had. The Aloo Matter is an Indian curry that had potatoes and peas. I also really liked this dish too. Both were full of flavor and tasted really vibrant and clean. This was only $8.50 which was really great value for money. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish it the entire dish because I got too full, but as I write this I am craving it again now.


The Adelaide Street location is only open Monday to Friday, however the Myers Center location is also open on the weekends. I will definitely be visiting these guys again and I recommend them to anyone whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just want to have a good healthy lunch.

These are a few snaps I took while I waiting for my interview at Eagle Street Pier. I always wondered how those buildings look so shinny.



By the way,  I did get the job! Lucky for me I was only competing against myself. So from Monday I will be working full-time at a tafe (tertiary education) helping future and current students. Its a government job, so the pay is good and considering the difficulty it is for graduates at the moment, I am really lucky to get a job.

So I’m going to have to plan out breakfast and lunch for the next week. I’m thinking lots of juices and raw salads. I’ve been microwave free for a year now and have no intention of going back.

10 thoughts on “Vege Rama

  1. HI I was at the Queen Street Mall one yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I was there late in the day though after picking up my race bib for tomorrow.. I am sure many vegans and non vegan look their food. I have taken many omnivores there and they have really enjoyed it. I was at their open week and I always make a trip there because I love their food and also want to support them. In the Queen Street mall there is a lot of competition and I am very pleased they are still going strong.. Nice review and yes I have done that too, ordered way too much food to eat and not finished it…

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