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For those of us in Australia, today is the Queens Birthday public holiday. So to celebrate the end of my studies my mother took me out to lunch. I got to choose where we lunch, so I chose Loving Hut at Mt Gravatt. I have been here a few times, but its been a while since I visited. This is not one of Marco’s favorites, so I guess that’s why I haven’t been back there. However, today was a Marco free day since he still had work and Mum hadn’t been to Loving Hut before.

Loving Hut is an international chain of restaurants, which has many venues all over Australia and supports a vegan, natural lifestyle. The  concept for these restaurants is from the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. I am not sure if the owners or staff are followers of her teachings. But I did notice some a video of her playing in the restaurant.

Loving Hut is just as I remembered it, except they have a few more new dishes and desserts then I last remember. It isn’t the most glamorous restaurants, but what I love about it is that I don’t have to worry about singling out the only dish I can have on the menu. I can have it all! The menu offers a variety of different cuisines, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and European.


In the past I have ordered the Salt & Pepper Tofu, Loving Hut Laksa, Thai Red Curry and Nachos (no longer offer). But today I wanted to try something different that I haven’t tried before and that is similar to some of the food I use to eat. To start we ordered two entrees, the Cream Cheese Wonton, with a French onion cheesy filling  and the steamed BBQ Buns. The wontons came out almost instantly and were very nice and creamy inside. I could definitely taste Toffutti Cream Cheese in there. The steam BBQ Buns were also nice. The actually bun wasn’t as similar to regular steamed buns, but the inside very much tasted like the BBQ pork I remember.



For mains we share the new Garlic Butter Cutlet, which consisted of a  Black pepper cutlets, mixed vegetables, cous cous , pesto, herb garlic butter; and the Loving Wrap, which was a savoury pockets of bean curd, tofu and herbs, served with rice and vegetables. I quite liked the proteins on these plates. I haven’t tried either of these before at any other Asian vegetarian restaurants. I also really liked the cous cous and the pesto. The vegetables were very much the same on each dish, but were cooked differently. For the price these dishes are good value for money and really filling.



I wasn’t going to have dessert, but I can never say no to vegan desserts. So we ordered the Raspberry Cheesecake and the Chocolate Cake. Both were nice and fresh and ended the meal well. Neither blew me away, but I was still happy with the flavors. Its always nice getting to have dessert out!



Although not my favorite vegan restaurant that I have discovered, I still recommend this place for value for money and variety of dishes. For transitioning to a vegan diet, you will find plenty of choices, many of which are similar to traditional dishes but made without meat and dairy. The serve is friendly and quick and the dishes are very filling and generous. Also if you try something faux meat that you like you can also purchase it to make at home, from their freezer section.

15 thoughts on “Loving Hut

  1. Wow that’s funny I just tried the Loving Hut here in Portland, OR, USA, last month and loved it! They have a “save planet curry” that is both vegan and gluten free and it was delish! 🙂

    They have no freezer section but I avoid fake meat as much as possible because it’s a) processed, b) stuffed with soy which is not good for you (& is GMO in most of the world) and c) contains gluten.

    • Hi EcoGrrl, that curry sounds delicious! Last time I tried a curry here I didn’t find it had much flavor.Most of the dishes at this Loving Hut use faux meats. I guess because they are quick and easy for them to prepare. I agree that they aren’t good but I eat them occasionally for a treat. I would be interested to check out a Loving Hut when I visit Portland one day. That place sounds amazing for vegans.

  2. Happy that you went there again. Looks like you both ate some nice food 😉 what I like about being there is that it’s a pure vegan restaurant and that they try to spread the vegan message all around the world. I feel that we should opt to dine at vegan restaurants as opposed to omnivore restaurants (like the coffee club beside it 😉 There is no other vegan restaurant chain in the world that does that !!! I visited a couple in Malaysia and also attendied a free cooking class which was cool. I like being around vegans there because I feel that for that brief time in my life that I am normal !! Hey maybe we will bump into each other one day there… Glad you had a nice time 🙂

    • Hi Thomas, I’m happy I checked them out again. Thanks for putting it out there. We had a good lunch and it was also good to feel normal like you say. I’d prefer to go to restaurants where I don’t have to feel like the strange one or be told by the waitress ‘if you don’t eat meat then you’ve come to the wrong place’. The other night we were invited to eat at a tavern with some friends, so instead I inviting them over for homemade pizza so I could actually eat something. Unfortunately most friends aren’t really open to vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Although I did introduce a few to Govindas a while back and they still go without me. I would love to visit some of the other Loving Hut restaurants when I go overseas next. Free cooking classes sound great too! I’m going to Japan later in the year so I will try to visit them there too and do a review 🙂

      • That’s very cool 🙂 Maybe you can try the banana lounge in the West End next time and I am sure your partner would enjoy it there… My wife is vegetarian and she loves the Loving Hut (thankfully lol) we have taken many friends there too and most of them have enjoyed it, although some have not… she really loves vegan food so much I am secretly hoping she will one day become vegan.. I too have had bad experiences at restaurants and it is always a deciding question what I ask the waiter/waitress “Can you suggest anything on the menu suitable for vegans” When they reply sorry what is a vegan. I leave the restaurant most of the time. I have been to Japan and I really loved the food although I had a interpreter who was amazing and I was able to try many Japanese vegan dishes.. I was so happy 🙂 Look forward to reading your reviews. I too am travelling soon to Thailand and Malaysia so I am hoping to visit a few Loving Huts there… Enjoy the rest of your week !!!

      • I emphathise – who wants to feel like the weirdo? I’ve been to so many work/professional events where the waiting staff come out with a plate and shout ‘who’s the vegan?’. Er, actually I was trying not to draw too much attention to myself!

  3. We have a Loving Hut over here in Norwich, a very small city in the East of England. We love it! It’s tiny and only serves rice, noodles, various stir fries, chips and salads and fruit. The owners know us and our son (who likes to practice/show off his Chinese with them) and we always get a warm welcome. It’s standing only or take-away and it always has a steady flow of customers ranging from the outright anarchist vegan brigade (us) through to unwary footie fans on their way to the match at the Norwich ground down the hill – we are never sure whether they understand they’re eating a 100% vegan lunch or not. Or perhaps there is a whole sub-culture of vegan football fans? Very glad to see this chain is catering for vegans down under too.

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for leaving a comment. I nice to know when I eventually visit your neck of the woods I won’t go hungry 🙂 I was wondering the same thing sometimes when I see people in vegan restaurants, but then you do notice a notable difference about the types of people that eat there. They tend to look healthier and thinner then the people walking around outside.

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