Snag Stand

Hi all, I’ve been really busy with uni lately, so  I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been staying at Marco’s, so I have just been remaking some of my previous recipes, such as Minestra di zucca alla mantovana and Loaded Sweet Potatoes with Spinach and Tempeh ‘Bacon’. Marco’s parents loved the Sweet potato and Tempeh ‘bacon’, especially his dad. They have both never tried this strange potato before. He doesn’t want us to leave now, but it’s time to go back home now. I fear that my own mother and our student have been going hungry while I have away. They all love to eat my cooking and otherwise don’t eat as healthy when we aren’t’ around.

The past few weeks we have been using Marco’s mums masticating juicer. We have all been enjoying fresh veggie juicers everyday. I really do notice the difference with this juicer and my centrifugal juicer. It is more cold press and the pulp is a lot dryer. Strangely I don’t feel like I get out as much juice, however it is more concentrated. I really want a new juicer and have been reading up on the best and most nutritious. So I have purchased the Hurom HU-500. It should arrive next week! So I will let you all know how it is going. Also hoping to get a Vitamix for my birthday in July, so fingers crossed.

Now for the reason of this post, I wanted to share a new vegan discovering. Last night Marco and I were at home on a Friday night. I decided I am sick of studying or curling ???????????????????????????????up on the cough like a grandma, so it was time to go out. I needed a reason to put on a dress and some makeup. So off we went into town for late night shopping. We were going to look for a restaurant but then we saw this hot dog stand, Snag Stand. I have never liked Aussie favorites like hot dogs,  pies or burgers, but since going vegan I really like the veganised versions. Without the meat I don’t feel so heavy and yuk when I eat this kind of food and I feel like sometimes places try harder when they give you the vegan option. Lots of Hot dog stands have started to crop up in Brisbane recently and most have vegan dogs too.

Snag Stand is in Queens Plaza, off the main mall in the Brisbane CBD. They offer a variety gluten free artisan sausages, including vegan dogs. They have four ‘veggie  dogs’ you can order, but if you order exactly off the menu they are not vegan. The actually hot dogs are, so you can get Vegetarian Spicy Spanish Chorizo or Vegetarian Potato, Apple & Sage. For the bread you can chose Rustic, Poppy seed, Gluten free or Broiche. I think only the last one is not vegan.

I can’t remember the exact name of my hot dog, but it had the Vegetarian Potato, Apple & Sage sausage with Beetroot Relish and I swapped the Spicy Horseradish Mayo for the Pickle Relish. Marco ordered the American Classic of course. We also ordered some Chips on the side, which are 100% Tassie Russet Potatoes with Natural Sea salt flakes.



So the verdict. The hot dog was amazing! The best hot dog I have ever eaten and the first vegan hot dog I have ever tried. The actually sausage was really tasty and it didn’t taste very meat like, just without the fat and grease. The bread was really nice and soft and the relishes gave the right about of sweetness. Marco really liked his, but actually preferred mine. Unfortunately he always worries he vegan one will not be as good, but as usually mine is always better. The chips were also really great and not greasy at all. Looking forward to visiting these guys again when I am in town.



6 thoughts on “Snag Stand

  1. The vegan hot dog look so yummy, we haven’t got many of this kind of restaurant in England, so that is difficult for me to eating out. It’s sounds so convenience in Australia. 🙂

    • I originally thought it was impossible to just be dairy free here let alone vegan, but this kind of diet options are getting better. For the most part I am just getting better at looking for it them. I am really surprise though by all these new hot dogs stands with vegetarian/vegan options. It is something that is really new here. I am really surprised you don’t have many options in England. Try or I find them really helpful when I am travelling.

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