A new sweet discovery

Yesterday instead of studying for uni (which I am extremely behind on) I decided to take Marco’s niece and nephew out for the day. By the time we finally got into the city, Marco finishes work so we all went together to Southbank. We played in the kids room at the State Library, nearly got told off (again) for touching the artwork at the Art Gallery and ran wild in the Museum. There was laughter, tears and many idle threats. Unfortunately ???????????????????????????????there were not many kids activities so I got the brunt of the disappointment. We were all exhausted after that and nearly went home, but I was very hungry and determined that we visit one of the vegan friendly restaurants in town. So we drove over to the Valley and revisited Kuan Yin Tea House. I have only been here once before on Valentines Day with Marco. We quite liked the food and loved special Valentines dessert. The kids were swayed by the promise of their favourite Asian treats, Fried Rice and Bubble Tea. They also don’t mind faux meats, as I have often made them Fry’s Chicken Strips with noodles when they visit.

When we arrived the kids chose their table and decided on Thai Fried Rice & ‘Calamari’. I ordered the Veggie Pork Rib Soup with Rice to try something new and Marco got his favourite Won-Ton Noodle Soup. We told the kids they could either have the Bubble Tea or the special Vegan Lemon Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache. They wanted both so we decided they could share one of each. They decided to get the Soy Taro Milk Tea, after they tried ours and said it tasted like cookies. Our meals didn’t take that long to come out and the picker eater of the two ate more then I have ever seen her eat. They were really looking forward to that vegan cheesecake and so was I.

Thai Fried Rice & 'Calamari'

Thai Fried Rice & ‘Calamari’

Veggie Pork Rib Soup with Rice

Veggie Pork Rib Soup with Rice

Won-Ton Noodle Soup

Won-Ton Noodle Soup


Unfortunately nearly finishing all their dinner didn’t pay off. Just before we ordered our two desserts, Kuan Yin had just sold the last two cheesecakes. I thought maybe they were joking, but no it was true. Then I had to break it to the kids. There was tears and ‘I’m never coming back here again’. They weren’t just disappointed, they were angry lol.

???????????????????????????????Luckily I remembered that the night before I had been searching vegan friendly places on The Weekend Edition and came across Lust for Life. This is a tattoo parlour/art gallery/espresso bar, that also sells vegan & gluten free bagels as well as an assortment of vegan desserts. And thank god it was also in the same direction as our car was parked. So we stopped in for something sweet.

This place is vibrant, hip and completely different to anything on the China Town end of the Valley. I would have loved to just sit and admire the lovely artwork and sip on a delicious soy cappuccino, but unfortunately we got there a little late and it was nearly time for them to close. We also had two angry little kids who felt like they been cheated out of dessert. So we ordered the first thing that caught all our eyes, the Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Lemon Coconut Frosting. The photo below doesn’t do this dessert justice and in its glass case it looked exquisite. So we went home and devoured the most delicious vegan chocolate cake we have ever had. So I guess missing out on Kuan Yin’s last cheesecake paid off, as we discovered a new sweet place that I can’t wait to go back to. Conveniently it’s also on the way home from Marco work, so looking forward for some home delivered vegan sweetness.





2 thoughts on “A new sweet discovery

  1. The food looks scrumptious! We love Asian vegan food. Lucky for us, there are quite a few vegan Asian restaurant in Los Angeles. There are Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese vegan restaurants. The two little ones are so cute. Too bad they were so disappointed (and angry) about the sold out cheesecake. But you made it up to them with another yummy dessert! And now you just made me hungry….

    • You are so lucky you have so many vegan asian options, we have a couple of chinese/tawinese places in brisbane but they are more budget places. I would love to see some of the amazing more fine dining vegan that I have heard about in the US.
      Well I nearly made it up to them lol I think once they ate it they were happy, but it was a long ride home lol just thinking about this cake is making me hungry 🙂

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