Pho Ha Long

Today we finally visited a Vietnamese restaurant that I wanted to go to for a while, Pho Ha Long. It is in Mt Gravatt, just near the Garden City Shopping Centre. Last time I attempts to visit them they were closed, so instead we had a disappointing lunch at  Top in Town Pure Vegetarian. I think they must of extended their hours of opening, as they are now open 10am-9pm, which is excellent because I think I have found my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

When we arrived there were a few tables of people in for lunch and the staff who greeted us were really  friendly. The decor of the restaurant was really clean, fresh and modern, which is nice for a budget Vietnamese restaurant. I say that because nearby in Sunnybank, where you can find many Vietnamese and other Asian restaurants, sometimes their stores are a bit grotty and dingy. I won’t mention any names, but lets just say this place was very refreshing.

Their menu is quite extensive and offers a selection of traditional dishes that are both vegetarian and meat-based, as well as many traditional Vietnamese drinks. All the food is MSG free, there are many gluten free options and no dish priced over $13.90. Some of the vegan and vegetarian dishes include Vegetarian fresh Salad Rolls, Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Rice Vermicelli Salad, Tofu Fried Rice and Deep Fried Tofu with Salt Pepper.

For drinks I ordered the Young Coconut Drink, which was great, even if Marco thinks it taste likes old socks. Marco ordered a cold Vietnamese Dripping Milk Coffee, which was very cool to watch and apparently tasted really good,  but sadly is not vegan.


For mains I ordered the Tofu Fried Rice. This dish normally comes with egg, but the waiter checked with me if I preferred it without egg, which was really good of him. Marco ordered the Combination (Grilled Pork, Spring Roll, Sugarcane Prawn) with Rice Vermicelli Salad. Lucky for me his spring roll was vegetarian so I had a try of his and it was good. My dish was delicious! The rice was fresh, sticky and full of flavor. The tofu was nice and crispy and the vegetables were fresh and sweet. The serving was quite big and large enough for Marco to eat half of mine too.


So would I come back? definitely. We were both really impressed with our meals and it’s local for us too.


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