Doggy Days, Pancakes and Black beans

I haven’t posted in a few days, since I have been quite stressed out. I have still been cooking, but not anything too exciting. I have been stressed because a couple of days ago??????????????????????????????? I caught my crazy religious fanatic neighbor on my property trying to scare my dogs, by screaming and barking at them. I had a big argument with him and had to call the police. This is not the first time he has barked at the dogs. Both my dogs hate him and go crazy when ever they see him walk in the street. However, this is the first time I found him inside our front gates. After the police spoke to him they  realized he was crazy. They told him the next time he trespasses into my property or makes a public nuisance by barking at the dogs, then he will get charged. I know this isn’t over. He intend going to the council about my dogs barking and being ‘dangerous’. I’ve spoken to the council, so I just have to wait now and hope they side with me. Who could ever thing these two little guys are dangerous. I took them to the dog park today. They haven’t been in over 6 months, so I was a bit scared what would happen. But they were really good. Well Albie did have a tussle with the first dog that arrived. But then ten more arrived, so he realized he had to get along with them, because he was out numbered. I just can’t believe how big he has grown. He was the biggest dog there today. It was funny seeing a couple of the dogs run straight to him, since he was the biggest. Once they got the ok from him, they knew they wouldn’t have any trouble with the others. Little do they know how much of a baby he is.

A couple of days back when this all happened. I had plans of making Nachos with Black Bean Chili from scratch. However, it got to late and Marco thought it was better we bought the Nacho Topping and Corn Chips, since he was too hungry to wait. We used Old El Paso Nacho Topping, with Pinto beans and Mission Corn Chips. Both of these products weren’t too bad. I don’t usually buy Mexican products anymore, but I was happy with ingredients in these ones. For the cheese sauce I used Avocados and Ales recipe, Vegan Nacho Cheese. This is a really delicious nutritious alternative to using store bought melty cheese. I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference with the taste and texture. I will definitely make this vegan cheese alternative again. I served this with the leftover Cashew Sour Cream and Guacamole  So happy avocados are back in abundance at the moment.



I have still been juicing everyday. Marco is also really been enjoying the juices and is getting use to eating raw vegetables for breakfast. Our favorite combination is Apple, Orange, Spinach, Celery, Carrot, Broccoli, Lime, Beetroot and Spiralina???????????????????????????????. I also love ginger, but Marco is not a fan. Other ingredients I have added include Plums, Zucchini, Parsley, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Mandarin and Lettuce. I really like the taste of lettuce and plums. But still not a fan of parsley.  So what have been the outcomes? In 7 days my skin cleared up and I can actually sleep at night and don’t wake up until 7 hours later, when I feel really refreshed. I also don’t feel like I need coffee. In past 20 days I have had one after having a terrible headache for a couple of days. I think I had coffee withdrawal, since the headache disappeared after I drank coffee. But I haven’t had another headache. Unfortunately, my skin is not as perfect as it was, since I gobbed up two jumbo Anzac Biscuits, that Marco’s boss made. I was told that it was dairy free, but turns out they weren’t and that the guy didn’t realise butter was dairy. So I will be juicing my way back to better skin again.

Yesterday, I took a break after 20 days of juicing and made Tiramisu Pancakes for breakfast, from Chloe’s Vegan Desserts.  These were amazing and hands down the best pancakes I have ever made. You can find the recipe here. I used whole wheat flour and used vanilla extract instead of dark rum. Although this batter is not sweet, since it only calls for maple syrup, the chocolate chips sweetened it nicely.


Tonight I made a Cuban classic, Black bean Soup or Sopa de frijoles negros. This rich, spicy soup is typically prepared in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil and other nations in Latin America. The ingredients usually present are black beans, salt, ham hocks, onions, garlic, tomatoes, chili peppers, powdered cumin seeds, oregano and vinegar. It is often pureed smooth or can be left more chunky and rustic.

I looked at numerous recipes to come up with the right ingredients. I am not sure how authentic mine is, but it tasted really, really good. It had almost a meaty texture and taste. It also got Marco’s seal of approval, he had two serves. I also made Homemade Nachos (baked corn chips) to go with it. I used suckitupnotin recipe, Homemade Nachos. Instead of Garam Marsala, I used Cumin. Other then that I followed the recipe. I recommend not cooking them any longer then 12 mins, as the longer they cook the harder they go.


Cuban Black bean Soup (vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free)


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 red onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, diced

1 serrano chilli, diced

1/2 green capsicum, diced

2 tablespoons ground cumin

1 tablespoon ground cayenne or chili powder

1 teaspoon dried oregano

450g cooked black beans

4 small tomatoes, diced

3 cups vegetable liquid stock

1 tablespoon lime juice (and more to garnish)

sea salt & black pepper to taste

2 shallots, diced to garnish

coriander leaves, diced to garnish

red capsicum, diced to garnish

vegan sour cream to garnish (Cashew Sour Cream)???????????????????????????????


1. Heat olive oil in a large pot. Add red onion, garlic, serrano chili and green capsicum. Saute for 4-5 mins.

2. Add cumin, cayenne and dried oregano. Saute for 2 mins.???????????????????????????????

3. Add black beans, tomatoes and liquid stock. Bring to the boil, then place on a simmer and cover for 30 mins.???????????????????????????????

4. Add lime juice, salt and pepper and cook for another 10-15 mins.

5. Puree half the soup with a bar mix or processor, then combine again and reheat.

6. Serve soup and garnish with shallots, coriander, red capsicum, vegan sour cream and fresh lime.



17 thoughts on “Doggy Days, Pancakes and Black beans

    • Yeah they are ok now, Im just worried how long this has been going on. Albie has never been people friendly, but hes not violent he just barks to tell them to stay away, but then he warms up them. I just am so angry that I feel like all the training I do is being undermined. Unfortunately you can’t choose your neighbors, you can just pray that they’ll move.

  1. Yeah…your neighbour is a fruitcake! Make sure you put a lock on your gate (chain paddlock) so he can’t leave the gate open when you are not looking so that he can say your dogs were roaming ok? We have 2 dogs as well and know how crazy some people can be when dealing with dogs.

    • Unfortunately I can’t lock my front gates, but I have put another fence on the side of my house, which stops them getting to the side fences that they usually bark from. He won’t be able to see them, unless he goes beyond that point and since I am home most days I will definitely know if he does. He also barks at them when Marco closes the front fences and plays ball with them. So we will be having our phones handy to film for the police any public nuisance. I am so happy they considered that a crime. Because essential he is assaulting them, even if they are dogs.
      Some people just hate animals and think they are just stupid things and not smart caring creatures. I just hope our council takes that into account when considering their complain.

      • I agree…your neighbour is a bit of a crank though. You could take out a restraining order on him if he gets too crazy with your dogs. We lived opposite a man who had a dog that barked all of the time. We were scared to walk past his fence and one day I asked him why his dog was so angry. He told me that some neighbourhood children had done exactly what your neighbour is doing and “barked” at the poor thing which riled it up and after a while that was all it knew. So glad your neighbour can’t let them out :). As a fellow dog lover I really do understand how they are part of your family, not just “pets” 🙂

      • Unfortunately he is as cunning as he is crazy, so not sure I will be able to get the evidence. I’m not sure what has made Albie seem so vocal to people he doesn’t know. He’s been like this since he was a puppy. Caesar Milano techniques made him more aggressive to us and positive enforcement stopped that but hasn’t stopped him disliking people he doesn’t know. I think my neighbors made it worse but is not the cause. Everyone says its because I baby him too much and treat him like hes a lap dog, so hes too protective, but I think perhaps he terrorized as a puppy before we got him. Whatever it was it wasn’t his fault, he wasn’t born this way. He does make friends with people, but obviously not with people we don’t know. Most people are cool with it because they know dogs are meant to bark to protect the house.

      • That’s why people keep dogs. They bark and act as a deterrent to prospective burglars. When they bark at strangers they are protecting us and we should be grateful. I can only imagine that the poor dogs look at us like we are crazy when we tell them off for looking after us ;). He obviously loves you enough to want to protect you and that is a wonderful thing :). You can always do what my son swore he was going to do to the 15 teenagers that lived in a squat next door to our old home when they partied all night for 2 weeks solid (and he had to get up and go to work every morning…) and put a lovely fish in their air conditioning duct ;).

  2. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your neighbour. Two houses ago, I had a crazy one that used to tap our maple trees without asking or chop the trees down in our front yard for firewood without asking! It was just so stressful and scary, we ended up moving. Your dogs are little cuties. I think I will try the Tirimasu pancakes tomorrow! 🙂 Take it easy….

    • thanks angela. i thought my neighbours were crazy, but messing with your trees on your property is nuts. i guess it seems more crazy here since we don’t have winters as cold as yours, but still, there are boundaries on properties for a reason. Lucky you got away from them.
      Our craziesy aren’t going anywhere. About 10 years ago they were going to give all their money to charity and become missionaries because god told them, but then god changed his mind lol but i am being mindful now marco and i are looking for a house to check out the neighbours as well.
      yes do try the pancakes, you can use gf flour of course, they are delicious!

  3. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant and scary encounter with your neighbor. Hope, you dogs are doing ok. I hope they take some action against your neighbor. Stay safe! Btw, this soup looks absolutely delicious.

    • Thanks Archana! They are ok now, its been a big few days for them with the street and interacting with others at the dog park, but they are quieter at least. Unfortunately council can’t take action against him, but they can decide to not believe him, which I am hoping. 🙂

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