Pit Stop Pita

Today was the opening of Marco’s sister and brother in-law new Pastry shop, Pit Stop Pita! They specialize in Serbian Pitas and Pizzas, however they also have some delicious Eastern European desserts. So today we went along to congratulate them and try some of their delicious goods. We tried some pizza, pita, baklava and some Serbian biscuits. We are really proud of them. The store looks great  and all the food tasted amazing. Although they haven’t got all the signage up yet or their whole range of goods, so far they have done a great job and I think it will be a really big hit. The store is in West End, Brisbane on Vulture Street, next to the Cupcake Parlour.

So if your vegan or vegetarian what do they have to offer you? Well they will be making fresh pizzas to order, as well as mini pre-made pizzas. So you can get a fresh pizza with no cheese or meat or a mini vegetarian pizza to go. The pastry for the pita’s are completely vegan, but so far they only have meat and vegetarian options, such as Ricotta & Feta and Feta & Spinach. Hopefully they will come up with some vegan options as well soon. All the sweets are vegetarian obviously, but only the baklava is vegan. They had two flavors of baklava that we sampled today, Prune & Walnut and Coconut, Raisin & Walnut. I don’t usually like Baklava, but these were delicious! I have never seen these flavors of Baklava anywhere else, but I much prefer them. So lucky for me I got to have something sweet out for a change.

If you are in Brisbane I really recommend paying a visit to them. They are really lovely people and they have something that no one else offers in Brisbane. When they get more settled in I will share with you their progress and some more pictures of their delicious food.






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