Serbian Slava

Hi all I just wanted to share my newly favorite Serbian tradition. Slava is Serbian Orthodox tradition, which celebrates the patron saint of the family who is hosting the Slava. It is typically celebrated annually by Serbians and Montenegrins   This Slava was hosted by Marco’s sister and brother in law. The patron saint is Saint Teodor and the celebration always falls on a Saturday  so its known as Teodor’s Saturday. The date is not the same every year, but it does lead up to Easter, which is why they fast by not consuming animal products. This is the first time I have been to a Slava. I have heard of the delicious foods that are served during this celebration of fasting, which include meat free, dairy free and egg free specialties. They do still eat fish, but they also make many breads, salads and bean dishes.

I have never seen some of the dishes that Marco’s sister put together today. I’m sorry that I don’t have the names, but hopefully I’ll be able to find out some of the recipes from her. In the first picture, the first one was made of layers of wafer,  homemade vegan mayo, ajvar and mushrooms and topped with vegan cheddar cheese. Behind that was a potato pancake and behind that is mushrooms stuffed with homemade vegan mayo and topped with a green olive. The next picture shows a lima bean puree/dip. It is sliced and topped with oil and paprika, so you can easily take a small slice. The next picture is a homemade baked bean dish with cannellini beans. The last picture was dessert. There is a chocolate, coconut and raisin baklava and a cake. The cake has two sponges made of chestnuts, flour and something else. It is layered with tahini and dark chocolate. Both the desserts were really rich. By the time I got through half I knew I should stop, but it tasted so good. I washed all this down with a cherry Rakija.





4 thoughts on “Serbian Slava

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  2. Please, please, please!!!!!
    Can you ask your sister in law for the bean purée recipe and post it??
    My in laws are serbian and this was always one of my favorite foods at Slava time.
    My mother in law passed away before I could get to learning that recipe and I have never been able to find anything remotely close to it!!!
    Looks so good in the picture. I’m salivating. 🙂

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