Short trip to Melbourne

Hi all, I haven’t posted this weekend because I was in Melbourne for my cousins engagement party. We had a great time, but its great to be back and get back into routines. After a lot of takeaway I was feeling very heavy and tired. This trip wasn’t very exciting on the food front and was more focused on spending time with family. I found out my 97 yr great Nona was in hospital and won’t be returning home. It was really sad to see her so fragile, but I am happy I still got to see her.

The engagement party was at The Leveson, in one of their upstairs functions room. The room looked great, the Apple Cider was delicious and the couple looked amazing too. I don’t have any photos with them yet. This photo is just with my mother and uncles partner. I had on the most beautiful shoes on, but sadly they were very painful, so I spent the night alternating between sitting and standing.


I visited the Italian Deli, Lakes Fresh Food Market at Taylor’s Lakes, which I posted about on my last trip to Melbourne. I got a few products that I could fit in my suitcase, so looking forward to trying them out. My uncle also took use to a funky new cafe called Hey Jude, in Essendon. Not sure if they are particularly vegan friendly, but my Soy Latte was pretty good.

DSC04091 DSC04089

On my last night we ate out at Brunswick again. My cousins wanted to take us to Anh Minh, on Lygon Street. The restaurant looked quite nice and the meals were quite reasonably priced. I was going to get a vegetables with rice or noodles and then I noticed they had Vegetarian Fish with Chinese Broccoli. I have had veggie fish before, so I thought I would try theirs to compare. It was very different to what I have had before. It looked more like a slice of fish and tasted a lot more like it too. I’m not sure it would be as healthy as it would of been a processed product. But still it was a great vegetarian option that didn’t leave me feeling alone eating just vegetables.



4 thoughts on “Short trip to Melbourne

  1. You are looking amazing, sadly all beautiful shoes/ high heels are a ‘killer’. :).. I really amazed looking at the vegetarian fish, never seen or tried anything like that. What is it made of?

    • Thanks Preveena 🙂 I knew I had seen that veggie fish before to buy at an asian grocery store. I found it on the Lamyong website
      They have so many different mock meat products. I even found the crispy taro rolls and that other veggie fish that I had at Kuan Yin Tea House and the roasted dock from the Tea Master. I should of known they didn’t make it themselve lol

    • Thanks for stopping by Profiteroles & Ponytails. You will have to visit there one day, it is the most livable city. I posted earlier this year about some of the places I ate out at. Of course I always miss my family, but the food is what I always long for 🙂

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