Banana Lounge and The Cupcake Parlour

Hi guys, today I discovered two more great vegan eats in Brisbane. This morning we visited a new vegan cafe that opened this January in West End, called Banana Lounge. I first heard about this place on Facebook and have been looking forward to checking it out. Besides The Green Edge, this is the only other completely vegan cafe that we have in Brisbane. The great thing about the location is that you don’t need a car to come here, as West End is a very central location. So I am looking forward to meeting friends here for a coffee and cake I can actually eat.

The reason I was also really wanted to come to the Banana Lounge today is that they were having a buffet breakfast. Ever since I went dairy free I have not been able to enjoy any buffet, especially buffet breakfast. Being vegan is even worse.  The last time I went to a breakfast buffet I only had fruit, congee and a piece of bread. So this was very exciting for me. Marco wasn’t that excited, well until we got there. After we paid the first thing he did was order some vegan bacon and sausages, he hadn’t even got his plate yet. He’s going to kill me for writing this lol. He quickly got his plate, got his vegan meats, then filled his plate with baked beans, tofu scramble, spinach and grilled tomato. He also toasted his bread, while he tucked into his breakfast. By the time his bread was ready he got a second serve vegan sausage and bacon. Then he had a bit of a break, till the fresh pancakes came out. As for me I pretty much had the same as him. I wasn’t afraid to have my pancake on the same plate as the savory  Everything was so delicious!. The only other thing I had was some muesli with almond milk.

Other than that the staff were lovely. I can’t wait to come in again to try the regular menu and try one of those nice vegan cake they have on their Facebook page. I also noticed they sell packaged vegan cheeses, sausage, ice cream, in their fridges. So that will be convenient if I’m in the area to pick up some supplies, since the regular supermarkets don’t carry this stuff.



After this we went to check out Marco’s sister and brother in laws new Serbian pastry and pizza shop in West End. They are still painting and getting set up, but so far it looks really nice. Can’t wait till they open for business. Shouldn’t be too long. They are actually right next door to The Cupcake Parlour, so we paid them a visit to. This is another place I have also been wanting to visit for a while. I send them a message on facebook a while back and they answered that they do have a few vegan choices.

When we walked in to The Cupcake Parlour I felt like I was in another world. Everything is colorful, pretty and bright. I didn’t notice any vegan cupcakes, so I asked the girl and she showed me the vegan options on top of the counter. There was vanilla, vanilla with raspberry icing or chocolate. They weren’t enticing as the regular cupcakes, but they were vegan, so I wasn’t saying no. The chocolate was the most attractive, so I chose that one and a soy flat white. The cupcake was really good. The actually cake part wasn’t that amazing, but the icing was out of this world. It was also a decent size cupcake, which was quite enough for a dessert. Marco got a milkshake, which he was really happy with as well. The staff were also really lovely, so I will be definitely be paying them another visit. Hopefully next time their vegan cupcakes will be as pretty as the regular ones.





8 thoughts on “Banana Lounge and The Cupcake Parlour

  1. It’s time for a trip to Brisbane methinks!
    You have been spoiled with a Mr Nice Guy view of cupcakes. Other vegan cupcakes will have a hard time competing!

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