Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant

Today after seeing a morning session of The Hobbit (which was really, really good), me and Marco decided to check out Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant at Upper Mount Gravatt. I  have been wanting to come here for while, as I saw many good reviews. First impressions it looked like it was closed except for the open sign. We were happy when we saw another table. It was late in the afternoon, but it wasn’t long till a couple more tables arrived. They had a really extensive menu so I was bit confused what I should order. I wanted to have some mock meat, since I can’t have that everyday. I don’t often make it at home, so its more like a treat.

We started with the Satay Veggie Chicken, since I love satay. The actually veggie meat was quite good and it was hard to tell that it wasn’t chicken. However some of it was hot and some parts were cold. The bed of lettuce also had a couple of black pieces, so I stayed away from that.


Satay Veggie Chicken

For mains we ordered the Japanese Curried Veggie Steak & comb Vegetables with Rice and the Bendon with Thai Spicy Chicken with Rice. The mock meats were not bad, however the batter was a bit thick and under seasoned. The Japanese curry wasn’t what I expected it was more like a gravy. On the bright side they were generous with the vegetables which were cooked well. There was some fried banana to accompany the curry which wasn’t bad. For the Spicy Chicken, the side dishes weren’t bad either. The sauce for the chicken wasn’t really to our taste though.


Japanese Curried Veggie Steak & comb Vegetables with Rice


Thai Spicy Chicken with Rice (Bendon)

All in all it was a cheap lunch, but not sure I will come back. I may have ordered the wrong thing or I have higher expectations. Blackened lettuce and uneven cooked food is not really acceptable though. If you have visited this place and have a better experience let me know and I will be open to try it again.

Tomorrow I’m off to Murwillumbah for a couple of days. Can’t wait to relax with just Marco. Hopefully I will find some more good eats there.


9 thoughts on “Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant

    • thats unfortunate, we have so many thai places here. but luckily its quite easy to make compared to other asian foods. i love making the curry pastes from scatch. ill have to do one for the blog soon 🙂

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