Egg-free Frittata and Satay Tofu Panini

Today’s is Marco’s Birthday, so I had a special breakfast planned for him. This morning I made Chef Chloe’s End-of-Summer Frittata. I also got a Rustic Baguette from the bakery, fresh cherries, shaved chicken (his idea) and I made a fresh orange and mango juice to go with it. The frittata was great! He really loved it, which I am really pleased about, since he has a egg intolerance and I have been trying to find a breakfast egg alternative for a while.

The recipe did take me longer then I thought it would.  But was 36 degrees (96.8 fahrenheit) and I was trying to do so many things at once. But it is pretty straight forward. I used firm tofu by accident, since the packaging looks exactly the same as the silk tofu when I bought it. However, it blended fine in my processor and still had a rich flavor when mixed with the other ingredients.  It tasted very much like the yolk of a hard boiled egg. I think if I had used silky tofu, then it would of been less dense. After I made the tofu mixture, I added it to the vegetables and I let it cook for 15 mins as the recipe said  Then when it came time to put it in the oven to brown, I don’t have a boiler in my oven or oven safe pans. So I tried to stick my pan under the oven grill, with the handle sticking out of the oven. It didn’t brown the top of the frittata as well as I would liked. But it didn’t matter. The frittata was cooked inside enough and turned out really delicious.

Most importantly Marco loved it and didn’t even realize it didn’t have eggs in it. I really recommend this recipe if you miss egg frittata or want to just try something different. It wasn’t as rubbery as eggs would usually be so I think I prefer this to an egg fritata. The potatoes tasted really good in it and were nice and soft by the time it was finished. Definitely one of my favorite recipes to date.




We weren’t planing on having lunch since its so hot here and breakfast was a bit late. But this afternoon after a swim in the pool we changed our mind. I didn’t have much in the fridge, so this is what I came up with. I recently bought Vessimix Satay Peanut Sauce from the Asian supermarket. It is also available at health food shops as it is vegan. Its made by Lamyong Vegetarian Health Food. I also recently had Satay Tofu burger from the Green Edge and it was amazing. So I decided to try and recreate it. This must be the same satay sauce they use, as it tasted exactly the same. I used the rest of the Rustic Baguette and added some salad. If you don’t love tofu, you won’t be able to tell when your eating this panini. This is a simple go-to recipe for a lazy summer day.


Satay Tofu Panini (vegan, gluten free option)


Baguette or other fresh bread (use gluten free bread if you prefer)

firm tofu

Vessimix Satay Peanut Sauce

grated carrot

sliced tomato

diced wombok/lettuce

sea salt to taste


1. First slice the block of firm tofu. About 2 slices per panini (depending on the size of it). Press the water out of it with a paper towel. Then place in a plate and cover with the satay sauce.

2. Heat a griddle pan with canola oil (brushed on/sprayed).

3. Add the tofu to the griddle pan and cook for both sides for a couple minutes each on medium heat. Then take off the heat.

4. Slice the bread, then add two slices of tofu and then top with rest of the ingredients and serve.

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