Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Pesto with Straw and Hay Fettuccine

I still had plenty of basil from the other day and it had been weighing on my mind that it was about to go bad. So late last night I decided to make pesto again. I love pesto its so versatile. It can coat hot pasta and vegetables, be spread on bread or even used to base a pizza. It really doesn’t need the cheese. With plenty of nuts, you won’t notice. My mum, who has been making it her whole life, was skeptical that it wouldn’t be good without  Parmesan. However, she ate her words when she tried it. The sun dried tomatoes also gave the pesto a unique flavor.  I am also excited to try out my new air tight jars. It looks heaps fancier in the jar and is better to store for longer.


Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Pesto (gf, sf)


1/2 cup pine nuts

1/2-2 cups basil leaves

3 garlic cloves

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

10 sun-dried tomatoes

1/2-1 teaspoons sea salt


1. Place pine nuts in the processor and whiz till they are broken down and start to form a paste.

2. Then add the rest of the ingredients, one by one, as the processor is whizzing, until it is all combined and creamy.

* Place in an airtight jar or container and top with a bit more olive oil so that it last longer.

DSC00959I used the pesto for breakfast this morning on toast. The pine nuts make the pesto very filling, since they have plenty of protein. In fact there is 4g of protein per 30g serve of pine nuts, which is similar to an egg. Pine nuts are also a rich source of healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and contain natural plant sterols, manganese, niacin, plant iron and zinc [1]. They also help you to feel full for longer. I am addicted to them at the moment. I also like to dry toast them before adding them to porridge and pasta dishes or add them to the tops of baked goods.

Tonight we had Marco’s little niece and nephew stay over, so I wanted to make them something special. They can be both picky eaters, but they love pasta and pizza, which is always easy. So I decided to make them fresh Straw and Hay Fettuccine. I have heaps of baby spinach to use, but I thought if I only make spinach fettuccine they might be too scared to eat it. They weren’t too keen on it when they asked how I would make the pasta green. But I assured them that it would taste the same as the white pasta.

To make the pasta was very easy. I used the same recipe for the dough as the Spinach & ‘Ricotta’ Ravioli, but I just split it in half and added pureed steamed spinach to one part. I found that I had to add a lot more extra flour and semolina to make it more durable to put through the pasta machine. It was a lot softer since the spinach was very wet. So I patted the pasta sheets with more flour. It is also important to have some spare flour (wholemeal will do) to add to the pasta ribbons while they are resting, so that they don’t get stuck together.

For the sauce, I made the kids and Marco a Napoletana sauce with just red onion, garlic, carrot, capsicum and my favorite Aldi Organic Pasta Sauce. For me I just sauteed red onion mushrooms and baby spinach then added the hot pasta and stirred through some of my pesto. Everyone was happy with their dinner. The kids said they loved it and the little girl had a second serve. For dessert they both had two serves of last nights Stone Fruit & Berry Slice. They weren’t sure they would like that either, but after they taste tested it they demanded more. They are here for the weekend so can’t wait to make them some more treats.

Straw and Hay Fettuccine (nf, sf)

Ingredients for Pasta dough:

1 cup semolina (more for dough)

1 cup wholemeal flour (more for dough)

pinch sea salt

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup warm water

80g (2 cups) baby spinach


1. Steam spinach, then puree it with 1 tbsp of the hot water from the spinach. Set to the side.

2. Take a large bowl and combine semolina, wholemeal flour and sea salt. DSC00986

3. Then add olive oil and split into  two bowls

4. Add 1/4 cup of the hot water (from spinach) to one of the bowls. To the other add the pureed spinach and 1/4 of hot water (from spinach) and a mixture of half flour half semolina if dough is too wet. Mix the water so that both become a dough.

5. On a floury board knead both lots of dough for 10 mins, so that the dough is smooth and elastic. Set aside.DSC00987

6. Split both dough’s into 4 parts (8 in total), then roll through the pasta machine to make pasta sheets, then use the fettuccine cutter to finish the fresh pasta. Leave both lots of pasta in plenty of flour, so it doesn’t stick together.

7. When water has boiled, add a pinch of salt and both lots of fettuccine ribbons and cook until the pasta has floated to the top.





26 thoughts on “Basil & Sun-dried Tomato Pesto with Straw and Hay Fettuccine

  1. It’s 2am but I want your pasta now! Such a clever idea to make spinach fettuccine for the kids. I really like the look of your pasta with the mushrooms, yum! Now I have to try to sleep, and forget all about pasta. 🙂

    • Yes the are very inquisitive to ask about all the ingredients so they know what to pick out when they get their plate. Its funny because Marco use to do the same thing to his mother when I met him. She use to have to grate onion & garlic so he wouldn’t see it and if he caught her he would refuse to eat it.

  2. So I don’t eat pasta BUT if I did I would make this in a heart beat. Holy shnitzel does that look amazing!! Most definitely bookmarking this for that pesto recipe though, I just wish pine nuts weren’t so gosh darn expensive!!!

    • Thanks Megan. Yeah they are really expensive here too. Luckily now we have a new chain of Aldi supermarkets, so they are a more affordable there. I have seen other bloggers suggest using cashews or almonds instead if that’s more affordable where you live.

  3. Every thing looks so good! I don’t dare to make my own pasta yet. it’s gonna take a lot of courage for me to start. And i love the idea of having sun-dried tomatoes in pesto sauce. 🙂

    • You should try it! I was a bit scared the first time, but it was so easy and tasted really good. Egg pasta was probably easier for me because the dough turned out perfect. Even if you don’t have a pasta machine I have seen online that you can use a rolling pin, fold and cut pasta ribbons. You won’t regret it!

      • hmm….You’ve made it look so easy. Ok, I will take up the challenge. 🙂

        Just to share an improvement in my bread baking. I have succeeded to bake a french baguette today!!! It turns out good but took me the whole day using the traditional way of making it.

      • Well done, I’ve never tried bread making. That’s something that I’m still a bit scared of. Hope you post some of your bread making soon. Your artisan bread looked amazing! You make it seem really easy to make. I have to get some bread flour and start experimenting.

  4. YUM! I just bought basil and was going to make pesto today. Thank you for the sun dried tomatoes addition, I am adding that as well. It should also give it a nice Holiday coloring.

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