Tea Master: Vegetarian Cafe Restaurant

I was so excited when I saw the Tea Master on Living Social. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while, but haven’t got around to it. I bought the voucher before my boyfriend could complain that he didn’t want to go all the way into the city for vegetarian food. This place is definitely worth the drive. It’s only small place, but extremely busy. You have to book if you want a table at least on a Friday night. They serve a variety of popular Asian dishes, but the vegetarian versions of them. Many dishes use mock meats or tofu.

For $19 our voucher included 2 entrees, 2 mains and 2 drinks. My mum was with us, so we just ordered a few extra things as well. Since it’s called the Tea Master, they do Bubble Teas, including soy milk teas. We couldn’t get dessert, because we were too full after all that food.

Everything was really delicious. Definitely a place you can go with your carnivorous friends. My boyfriend and my mum loved it. Its half the price you will pay anywhere else in China Town, healthier and full of flavour. So the Tea Master will  definitely be seeing us again.


10 Handmade Dumplings, served with Soy Sauce

Deep-fried Veggie Chicken with Salt andPepper

Vegetarian Beancurd Prawn


Sweet & Sour Veggie Pork with Rice

Stir-fried Veggie Chicken in Three-Cup Sauce with Vegetables & Rice

Vegie Sacha Sauce Noodles

Milk Tea:

Soy Milk Coffee with Coffee Jelly & Soy Milk Taro with Pearls


4 thoughts on “Tea Master: Vegetarian Cafe Restaurant

    • Me too! Its nice to be accommodated completely and satisfied, rather then having to choice the only option on the menu or having to negotiate with the kitchen to get something, that I could probably make at home lol

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