Fakin’ Bacon

This morning I wanted to try out some vegan bacon that my boyfriend’s mother bought from Green Edge the other week. We tried it in Panzarotti the other night with some Notzarella cheese. It was good, but after it was baked it didn’t taste like bacon. So I thought maybe if I pan fried it the way the instructions say then it would be more baconey. So I made a ‘traditional’ breakfast with baked beans, sauteed spinach, buttery toast and vegan bacon.

This product is Redwood’s Cheatin’ Rashers. For me it doesn’t taste as salty and strong as bacon, but it is a pretty good substitute if you really like bacon. I don’t crave bacon so I could probably go without. It also doesn’t have that strong smell.  I think perhaps it should only be used as the instructions state on the package, as it becomes more dry and harder the longer its cooked and the colour becomes a lot darke as well.

The only other vegetarian bacon that is available in Australia, to my knowledge, is Sanitarium Vegie Delites Bacon Style Rashers. This is available at the two big supermarkets, but it is not vegan, as it contains milk and eggs. I usually stay away from these fake meats, as they are usually contain milk and are not healthy alternatives.

So I think Redwood’s Cheatin’ Rashers is probably one of the more healthier alternatives. It is cholesterol free, has no hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours or preservatives and is GMO free. But don’t expect it be exactly be like the real thing.

I want to try and make my own tempeh bacon. I’ve seen a couple of recipes on other blogs  such as Tempeh Bacon Recipe. Vegan ‘Facon’ for All and Tempeh Bacon. I’ll just have to find liquid smoke, which I only heard about a week ago. Its not common ingredient here, so I may have to order it from the US.

Have any of you made your own vegan bacon or tried any store bought that you recommend???

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