Canned Legumes

This morning while procrastinating about doing my assignments, I began thinking about BPA again. Last night to make the Black bean patties I used Global Organics Organic Black beans. I haven’t found anywhere that I can buy dry organic black beans and these ones are really convenient and soft. Black beans aren’t largely used in Australia. I’ve only seen them at a few Mexican healthy fast food places that have opened in last few years, like Guzman y Gomez, Mad Mex and Tuckeria. All of which have great vegan options and are way more traditional and fresh then old Montezuma’s. Last time I went there I got food poisoning, so I don’t recommend it.

Anyway I began looking online to see if Global Organics had BPA as well. According to Shop Naturally Healthy Households this brand does, but they mention a press release from Global Organics stating  “Test results from the can manufacturer show that the levels of BPA are well below the International Standards set…“Therefore in conclusion, human exposure to BPA from can coatings is minimal and poses no known risk to human health. Can coatings have been and continue to be recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.K. Food Standards Agency, the EC Scientific Committee on Food and other government bodies worldwide.”

So I guess its a better alternative if you can’t find Eden Organics, which is the only brand of can legumes I have found that is available in Australia without BPA. If your in the USA you have a lot more choices, check out this site for more info. For more information on BPA-free products you can get in Australia, check out Shop Naturally Healthy Households.

According to Oregon Enviromental Council a safer alternative to BPA cans are Tetra pak. They stated that ” Tetra Pak is made of 70 percent paperboard combined with thin layers of LDPE (low density polyethylene) and aluminum foil. xii Tetra Paks are used widely throughout Europe and have been utilized in the United States for juice, soups, liquid dairy products and even wine.”

I prefer to buy coconut milk in tetra paks. You can’t get them from the big supermarkets but you can buy them from Asian supermarkets. They tend to be alot creamer as well. Glass jars are also a good alternative, except that most have BPA in the jar lid. I haven’t been able to find any without BPA, but I’m guessing it would have less then from canned products.

Anyway bottom line is that we should be preparing food the old fashion way, from scratch. I’m going to try to make a commitment to do this more. Cans products are so tempting because its quicker and can be cheaper, but I rather invest my time and money in my health now while I’m still young and disease free.

For more info on why BPA is so bad, check out my other post. Also for info on what to buy organic or non-organic check out this site.

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