My Heart Garden

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my Mum and we decided to go to My Heart Garden at St Lucia. It’s a cute little vegetarian cafe on a Hawkens Drive. I had never heard of this cafe before, let alone the rest of the other restaurants on this strip. I saw it mentioned on Happy Cow, so we thought we would give it a try.

The cafe was vibrant, clean and very inviting. The staff were also very nice and allowed us to pay after our meal, since we had to go get cash out across the street.  We only had two meals, but they also offer a range of juices, other drinks and sweets. I had the Satay Bliss Burger. It was really fresh and delicious. Probably the best lentil pattie I’ve tried. It had heaps of salad and lots of soy mayo. My mum had the Sri Lankan Platter. She didn’t really like it that much. So I ended up having to share my burger. She thought it had been microwaved and the Eggplant curry wasn’t really a curry in her book. For me it was ok, but I thought that was a bit over priced.

Anyway I would recommend this place for breakfast, burger or just a coffee and something sweet.

Satay Bliss Burger

Sri Lanken Platter


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